Hi, I’m Mark: a science communicator and artist! But I presume the ‘artist’ part is most relevant here ; )

This is my little informal portfolio for my Pac-Man Palace application. I write, I draw, I love cartoony and colorful hijinks. I hope there’s something here that catches your eye!

Since some of these drawings have not been posted by my yet, I kindly ask that you do not share them (outside of the context of the application process). I’d be happy to answer any questions if you have them!

– Mark


From 3D renders, to sketchy sketches, to polished on-model vector art in different artstyles: I can make it!


I love giving characters more depth and flesh out their personaties and interactions. Pac-Man is more than just a sphere! What’s their world like, what are their deepest darkest thoughts, what makes them ‘tick’?

Since this portfolio does not contain much writing, I can provide examples or make a test script if required.

(these first three explain my design process)


“Mark is a fantastic artist. He has the talent to make difficult subjects comprehensible for a wide audience. Furthermore, his drawings are full of humor and he has his own appealing style. It is nice to work with Mark and he is open to feedback and suggestions.”

~ Arjen Dijkstra, director of the University Museum of Groningen (University of Groningen)

“Mark is an enthusiastic young man who makes beautiful illustrations. He was even able to wonderfully draw a kid version of me at my parents’ farm (for a coloring page), with the sparkling eyes of a future researcher.”

~ Ben Feringa, Nobel prize winner (2016), professor in chemistry

“Mark is an incredible illustrator who can create awe-inspiring pieces of art in a variety of styles. Hiring him to produce different works has been really enjoyable as he is enthusiastic, sincere and collaborative. I look forward to working with him again soon!”

~ Scott Green, software and games developer


“Mark is ballin” ~Heayn,

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